1. Evaluate the actions of the

1. Evaluate the actions of the workers and management of Union Carbide in this case from the perspectives of System 1 and System 2 thinking that was discussed earlier?
2. The document uncovered by the Environmental Working Group Report refers to the acceptable “business risk” in the Bhopal operation due to questions about the technology. Is it ethical for a company to use business risk as a measure of whether to go ahead with an operation that may have safety problems? How would you characterize such a thought process from the perspective of ethical reasoning?
3. Evaluate management decision-making in the Bhopal case from a corporate governance perspective. Compare the decision-making process used by Union Carbide to deal with its disaster with that of Ford Motor Co. and Johnson & Johnson in the Tylenol incident as described in this chapter. How do you assess stakeholder responsibilities in each of these cases?


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