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Critically evaluate a corporation of your choosing from the perspective(s) of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and / or sustainability using two contrasting conceptual or theoretical approaches. Write a 3,000 word report on your evaluation.
You are advised to choose a corporation early on in the module and work on your report week-by-week, gathering information and applying the various concepts and theories as you learn them.
Discuss your choice of corporation with your seminar tutor. Corporations in the following industries / sectors should provide rich cases for your analysis, but you can choose other sectors:

  • Tobacco industry;
  • Oil industry;
  • Car industry;
  • Domestic and personal electronics, including computing and mobile devices;
  • High street retailer of food, clothes or electronics.

Your critical evaluation must be from the perspective(s) of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and / or sustainability. For your analysis, select two contrasting conceptual or theoretical approaches. The seminar in Week 8 will review the approaches covered so far in weeks 1-8, and will also indicate approaches that you could use from weeks 9-11 (e.g. diversity and equality).
The range of material you analyse could include information provided by the corporation (e.g. sustainability / social / CSR policies and reports) as well as information about the corporation e.g. stories in the media, including specific incidents (scenarios) the corporation has been involved in. However, you must conduct your own analysis of the material. You might choose to apply two alternative analytical approaches to the same material and discuss differences between the outcomes


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