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1. Outline the main types of management theories and describe the main features in each of the main theories? (10 marks)
2. Examine the case study given. Recognize which management theories are currently implemented in Meethaq Bank? Name the management theories and support your decision which evidence? (10 marks)
3. Recommend a management theory to be implemented in Meethaq Bank. Your recommended management theory should help in managing the conflicts currently evident in the case study. Support your recommendation with reasons for choosing a particular management theory? (10 marks)
Your answer should include use of examples, analysis and evaluation and recommendation to Meethaq Bank
IMPORTANT Instructions:
1.    Individual assignment worth 30% of your total mark.
2.   Maximum  of 2500 words submitted  through the TURNITIN system.
3. TURNITIN submission are made in Microsoft Word format only.  All other formats will be considered as an attempt to cheat the system.
4. TURNITIN similarity rate cannot exceed 20%.
5. Ensure you pay attention to presentation: spacing 1.5, same font and font size throughout. Spelling and grammar should be paid close attention to.


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