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  1. Assessment Tasks/Activities

(Indicative of likely activities and tasks designed to assess how well the students achieve the CILOs. Final details will be provided to students in their first week of attendance in this course)

CILO No Type of assessment tasks/activities Weighting
(if applicable)
CILO 1-3 AT1: Data  Analysis Report Writing and Critique 60%  
CILO 1-3 AT2: Exercise 30%  
CILO 1-3 AT3: Class Participation 10%  

Further description of ATs:
AT1: Research report writing
Each student is to write a data analysis report (2,000 words) of a given dataset demonstrating mastery of advanced knowledge and skills in applying practical statistical methods to social research. Each student needs to develop and work on his/her report continuously throughout the semester. The student needs to consult the instructor at workshops about the writing.
Research report writing and critique need to be a coherent task to report the student’s own statistical analysis. The whole task is to proceed in the following step:
Identify a series of research questions from an existing dataset
Review and therefore critique existing statistical analyses related to the research questions or the like
Conducting statistical analyses to answer the research questions or hypotheses, using at least 5 different analytic methods introduced in the course
Writing results from the analyses
Concluding by showing the lesson acquired in the task—discussion of findings being paramount
Overall, the writing needs to be tidy, read in a good format, and avoid any problem of “copy and paste.” It is necessary to consult the literature for reference about the presentation format. References are necessary.
AT2: Exercise
Each student is to complete exercises to solve problems of the application of practical statistical methods to social research. The student needs to work independently and save work done in each workshop in a flash drive for later compilation. Eventually, each student is to write up key findings in about 1,000 words, to discuss results in five statistical tables refined from the statistical output saved in the classes. Essentially, the report needs to have a brief introduction about research questions and hypotheses and a substantial discussion summarizing the results and insights. References are desirable.
AT3: Class participation
Each student needs to participate actively in classes, including workshops, presentations, discussions, and sharing sessions, to demonstrate thorough and intensive knowledge about applying practical statistical methods to social research. At the end, each student needs to write a one-page performance report (about 500 words) about the class participation and learning in concrete ways.

Assessment Task Criterion
1.  Data  Analysis Report Writing and Critique Validity of analysis, coherence of reporting, and demonstration of knowledge building
2.   Exercises using SPSS Validity of analysis, clarity of reporting, and demonstration of insight
3. Class Participation Demonstration of class participation and learning


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