>Algebra homework help

>Algebra homework help.

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Polonium (Po) 210       138 days

  1. Pick an element from the list below. Post a message to the discussion forum indicating which element you have chosen so that other members will know to select other elements.

Element Table for Discussion Forum 5
2. This discussion involves finding an exponential decay function for an element in the periodic table. Below is a list of elements and their known half-life. Using the given half-life, determine an exponential function that gives the proper decay rate for the given element. Create a table of values listing the amount of the element you started with and then determining the amount of time to go from 1,000 units to the amount in the table.
3. Make sure to show the work for each calculation as a function of time, A(t), where A is the amount remaining and t is time in years/days (depending on the half-life value.) You will be using a log function to calculate the time.
4. Make a graph of your table plotting out all points in the table. Use an appropriate scale for your graph and state the scale. Your axes should reflect the function A(t) (meaning one should be labeled A and the other t)

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>Algebra homework help


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