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We have spent considerable time discussing Elman Service’s Band, Tribe, Chiefdom, and State hierarchy. In the process, we examine how various institutions may change as societies become larger and more complex. I want you to choose 1 (one) Native American culture from the United States to examine.  This can be either a pre-historic or historic Native American society. Prepare a 1-2 page (double spaced) write-up that describes the basic characteristics of each of the following institutions: Economic, Political, Social, Military, and Religious. (You might consider preparing a paragraph on each.) After commenting on the characteristics/organization of these institutions, tell me where you think your culture would fall within Service’s hierarchy. Were there any challenges, surprises,or inconsistencies you noticed by trying to “classify” your culture.
*Please refer to multiple sources and feel free to use Google Scholars if need be.  Wikipedia does not count as a legitimate source of reference.


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