American history homework help

American history homework help.

Extra Credit (up to 5 points)

Please watch the following excerpts from “Eyes on the Prize” Documentary
Part II: The Little Rock Nine (1957)
Begin: 8:19 with Governor Orville Faubus and watch till 20:26.
Part III: The Lunch Counter Sit-Ins (1960)
Begin 5:30 and discussion of the philosophy of non-violence and watch until at least 10:50.
Part V: Mississippi and Citizens’ Councils (1962)
Watch from beginning to at least 8:38
Questions for extra credit post:
1. What is a “Citizens’ Council” (Eyes on the Prize part 5) and what was their purpose?  How are they related to the Southern Manifesto?
2.  On what grounds did MLK and the students of the Civil Rights Movement (Eyes on the Prize parts 2 and 3) challenge the social as well as economic status quo in the late 1950s and early 1960s?
3. Did anything surprise you about these videos? Why or why not? (Note I normally don’t ask your personal opinion but I am in this case).

American history homework help


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