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After listening to the lectures (in the modules) and reading the two documents please write a single post answering the following two questions and composing one question of your own.  Your answers should be a nice robust paragraph–around 6-10 sentences.  You will not be able to see anyone else’s posts until you make your own post by clicking “reply” to this discussion.  Please do this by noon on Thursday–after you would have done the reading and sat through both classes were we still on campus. DUE BY THURSDAY AT NOON.
1. The 1960s are often characterized as a “radical” decade that pushed American society more to the left. However, the  ideas the origins of modern American conservativism also emerged in the 1960s and have been arguably much more successful in the long term.  How did Barry Goldwater challenge FDR’s New Deal “liberalism” and the consensus it had established over much of American society by the mid-1960s? ?(2.5 points)
2.  In what ways are the Sharon Statement from 1960 and the Port Huron Statement from 1962 in dialogue with each other?  how do these issues manifest themselves in the Election of 1964–what do the campaign ads from the Election of 1964 tell you about the ideological positions of the liberal (Democratic) and conservative (Republican) parties at this time?   (2.5 points)
3. Write ONE analytical question following up on EITHER of the three documents. That is don’t ask a factual or opinion question but rather a question about what the document means or why the author was arguing what he was arguing. (2.5 points)


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