American history homework help

2010: Assessment 3
Due to D2L Dropbox by Thursday, May 7 at midnight
Why does history matter? More specifically, why does introductory history class matter?
While some historians may respond with grandiose defenses of history’s value, I prefer
something more simplistic. History, particularly history class, provides perspectives. It provides
perspectives of how various groups of Americans have (often contradictorily and curiously)
navigated challenges, ambitions, and changes over time.
For Assessment 3, you are responsible for reflecting on the perspectives of history that we have
studied. You are responsible for critically and closely reflecting on these perspectives,
thoroughly sharing your thoughts on the topics you most and least enjoyed, as well as how
both the information and skills (reading, analysis, critical thinking) gained in history class will aid
you in your future ambitions (education and/or career).
Please thoroughly and uniquely respond to each of the below questions. This means no broad,
vague unspecific responses that you think “sound smart” but actually say nothing substantial.
You must provide specific, supporting details from class readings, discussions, and other
materials in order to explain the topic you most enjoyed, the topic you least enjoyed, and how
the study of history will aid you in your course of study and/or career goals. In other words, I
want to know what you think and why you think it; this requires detailed thoughts about the
information learned. You must go way beyond “interesting,” “uninteresting,” “I already knew
about it,” “I don’t know,” etc. Your response must demonstrate that you understood and have
reflected on the information studied throughout the semester. It is strongly encouraged that
your response to each question be an at least six-sentence paragraph.
1. What topic did you most enjoy studying? Explain why.
2. What topic did you least enjoy studying? Explain why.
3. How will the information and skills gained through the study of history aid your
academic and/or career ambitions?
Questions 1 & 2 are worth 33 points each. Question 3 is worth 34 points.
If you closely read and exactly follow the above instructions,
you will almost guarantee yourself a strong, satisfying grade.


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