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The common use of ‘cult’ is almost exclusively associated with ‘religion;’ however, is this necessarily the case? In this third assignment, you will write a two to three-page paper that explains the differences and similarities between ‘cult,’ ‘group-think,’ ‘hobby’, or another term you would like to include. PAPER 3 REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES
2 – 3 pages in length
12 point font
Double spaced
In the first few paragraphs, explore whether devotion to any idea or activity can become ‘cult’ behavior. For example, is it possible for the love of a hobby, sport, TV
series, movie, political movement, cause, etc. to morph into cultism?
Make sure that you clearly define the terms (‘cult’, ‘group-think’, ‘hobby’, and any other word that you find appropriate to include in the paper). You may include exact dictionary terms; however, make sure to include your own interpretation of these definitions as well. It needs to be clear that you have analyzed what these terms mean to you and that you can articulate those ideas in writing.
As you carefully craft the specific definitions of ‘cult,’ group-think,’ ‘hobby’, etc., make sure you explain the relationship between these terms, and how they can work together. It is possible that these terms overlap to create a cohesive belief structure.


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