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There is not one standard template, but infact there are many ways in which students can create the Master Paper about “THE BIRTH OF ISLAM” . The paper must be researched, fact-based and contain at least a color image (unless none exist on this topic). The document must include a title and the author’s (student’s) full name, which must be appropriately incorporated in the one-page. The bottom of the paper must include the resources. Students may decide how creatively they wish to make this document (MS Office, Apple Pages, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) The result must look like a published page of a scholarly journal. The one-page document must be Wow! – Intelligent to the mind, and beautiful to the eyes.
All work must be in English. If Arabic is utilized in any form, then its translation and the source of translation must be clearly stated in the document itself. When a work of art or a literary phrase showcases calligraphic writing or cultural value in Arabic language or culture, for example, then translation – and relevance – of the written word(s) must be included in the paper.
Grading criteria: One-page length, focus and specificity, clarity, targeted and detailed research, factual accuracy, credible sources, organization, cohesiveness, and the “wow” factor.


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