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Project Rational: Students have been introduced to Islamic Humanities through a vast amount of content in this course. As the course comes to a close, students must reflect on the many topics that they have studied in the 8 course Modules and select one focused topic to create for a PowerPoint presentation.
Assignment: Students will create a PowerPoint project on a focused topic from Module 8 ( ISLAMIC PHILOSOPHY AND ISLAMIC LITERATURES). The presentation must be interdisciplinary (in a true Humanities format), research based, and must include images. Videos and music can also be included in the presentation. Select a topic from Module 8 and approach it from historical, geographical, socio-economic, aesthetic, literary, political, philosophic, religious, and other related disciplines’ perspective. The PowerPoint will be a total of 12 slides. The first slide must list the specific topic, and the student’s name and course/section number. The next ten slides must introduce, develop, and conclude the topic. The last slide must list all the resources that are used for the PowerPoint.
Grading criteria: specificity, clarity, targeted research and succinctness (not wordy), logic, development, and visual and literary interest.


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