Ancient history homework help

Ancient history homework help.

my topic is about Magic in ancient Egypt. 
I already did a presentation and presented to the class. I attached it below. you can use it to write the paper but with sources. also I attached one of the books we discussed in class you must use.
the paper must be 5-10 papers double-spaced. 5 is enough .  with standard margins (1″ left/right margin; 1″ top/bottom margin), clearly numbered pages, and use a standard 12 point font, no smaller or larger (a standard font is Times, for example).
Your paper must have a clearly stated thesis, preferably presented in a thesis statement in the first paragraph of your paper. A thesis is a major, reasoned conclusion that you have reached in researching your topic. Your thesis statement must primarily explain why the conclusion you’ve reached is significant. You should also intimate your thesis in the title of your paper. In the body of your paper you must present the reader with an argument that supports your thesis. Arguments in papers consist of several related claims. These claims should be based on the visual or textual evidence that you have found in your research on a given topic. In writing, you should ask yourself after each paragraph: what is the claim that I am making in this paragraph? How does that claim link to my thesis?
You must include one of the essays discussed in class as a touchstone for your research paperSources (books, journals, magazines, museum publications) of information must be cited in footnotes. The undocumented use of published material by another author constitutes plagarism. You will have to find the original citation for the essay in question. INTERNET SOURCES ARE TO BE LIMITED, OF HIGH QUALITY, and must be approved by the instructor, in order to be acceptable (you may use images from the internet for your appendix).
You must cite any text that you have used in preparing your paper in an endnote. Endnotes must follow proper and consistent Chicago Manual of Style form. A separate bibliography in addition to your footnotes or endnotes is not needed.
If you discuss visual images in your paper, you must include reproductions of the images (as xeroxed reproductions) in your appendix which are clearly marked and therefore easy for the reader to find when you refer to them in your text (i.e., “Figure 1”, etc.). Your appendix should follow the body of your essay, after any endnotes.
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Ancient history homework help


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