Applied Sciences homework help

This exercise is to help you think about your own career development and that of your (future) employees.

  1. Develop a career plan for yourself that includes the following items:
    1. Goals
      • Short-term (within 1 year)
      • Mid-term (1 year to 5 years)
      • Long-term (beyond 5 years)
    2. Personal strengths (What am I proud of?)
    3. Areas for personal growth (How can I be/do better?)
    4. Specific skills, knowledge, and abilities (What strengths can I build on?)
    5. Education and training required (What other tools do I need to achieve my goals?)
    6. How will I know if and when I’ve achieved my ultimate career goal(s)?
  2. What are the major responsibilities of the immediate supervisor in the training and development of her employees?
  3. Should the supervisor play a role in the long-term career planning of the employee, or is this primarily the employee’s concern? If the supervisor should be involved, how can she do so effectively?


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