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itle: Nutrition Labelling on Menus
Have you ever noticed the nutrient content of menu items in your favorite restaurant? Beginning in 2018, restaurants and food establishments that are part of a chain are required to provide calorie information on standard menu items. In addition, food establishments must provide other important nutrition information including: total calories; grams fat; grams saturated fat; grams trans-fat; milligrams of cholesterol; milligrams of sodium; grams total carbohydrates; grams sugars; grams fiber; and grams protein when requested.
Discuss the following in your initial post:
You are planning to go out to lunch with a coworker and want to find a healthy option. To assist you with planning this lunch, visit the websites for two restaurants of your choice — one that you think will provide you with the healthiest meal, and the other that will be the unhealthiest meal based upon type and quantity of fat as well as calories. Using the restaurant websites chosen, put together one proposed healthy lunch menu from one restaurant and one proposed unhealthy lunch menu from the other restaurant.
Guidelines for your initial post:
The meal plan must be realistic in what is being consumed.
You must use two different restaurants.
Nutritional information can be obtained directly by visiting the restaurant or finding the nutritional information online.
What two restaurants did you select? Why did you select these two restaurants?
Create one healthy meal and one unhealthy meal based upon type and quantity of fat as well as calories for a total of two lunch menu options from two different restaurants.
Include the following nutritional information for the meal:
total calories
grams of fat
grams of saturated fat
grams of trans fat
milligrams of cholesterol
What was the most interesting piece of information you found regarding the calorie and fat content?
How would you convince your coworker to choose the healthier meal option based upon the calorie and fat information?
What impact do you believe posting calories and other nutrient information will have on consumer choices?
Do you foresee a change in your restaurant choices based upon the posted nutrient information? Why or why not.
Take a moment to review the SC115 Discussion Guidelines for additional information on discussion expectations.


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