Applied Sciences homework help

 You are to choose any topic related to Personal health and wellness and write a paper about it using the following guidelines. Your topic needs to be pre-approved by September 23.
Find at least 4 sources related to your topic. Two sources must come from the JCSU Library and could be some combination articles from a library databases, books, ebooks, or streaming videos. The other two sources can come from anywhere but must be credible. Cite each source in APA
Write an introduction paragraph as to why you chose your topic and the importance of it. Write a conclusion paragraph as a reflection of your research you did on this paper and has your opinions on your topic changed.
The body section of your paper you will write 2 short paragraphs to accompany each source: one paragraph providing a clear, concise summary of the source and one paragraph analyzing the source based on the CRAAP test as well as how you intend to use the source and/or why it’s essential for your topic. CRAAP Test instructions are attached. EvaluatingSources-2.pdfPreview the document
This paper must be at 3-7 pages in length (double spaced).


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