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This assignment will require students to summarize and analyze information presented in a journal article.
Step 1: Read the article, “The Reliability of Bible Manuscripts”  by clicking the link above.
Step 2: Write a general overview of the article summarizing the major points or positions presented. You should address at a minimum the following questions:
A) What is the issue or controversy discussed?
B) What is the author’s main point or argument?
C) Where does the author get her/his evidence?
D) What important terms or concepts does the author define?
Step 3: This is the most important part of your paper. You are to analyze the information presented in the article by addressing the following points:
A) What information/interesting facts did you get from the article?
B) Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions of the author? Why or why not?
C) What questions do you have about the issues raised in the article?
This paper should be 2-3 pages, double spaced with 12 point, Times New Roman font. While the ability to summarize is important, your grade will depend heavily on your analysis of the article (especially Step 3B). Simple one sentence answers to the above questions will not be viewed as satisfactory.


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