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For this Assignment, you take on the role of a  literary critic. The job of the critic is to read, question, and dissect  the technical and substantive elements of a work of literature to gauge  quality, effectiveness, and ability to convey information. Imagine, for  the sake of this activity, that you are writing an article for a  literary magazine on the short stories of two notable female authors.  Your article provides an evaluation of each story’s ability to convey  perspective on women’s health and well-being.
To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review characteristics of a short story in the “Glossary of Terms  and Techniques for Literature and Creative Writing” document located in  this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Define health and well-being. Do these terms have different meanings to different people?
  • Compare and contrast depictions of physical and psychological health and well-being in the stories of Gilman and Chopin.
  • Consider how the authors convey their perspectives on health and well-being.

The Assignment:

  • Write a 2-page analysis of Gilman’s and Chopin’s works on women’s  experiences of physical and psychological health and well-being. Explain  how your own definition of health and well-being can be applied to each  piece.
    Note: Do not write a biography of  Gilman’s or Chopin’s personal experiences. Instead, write an analysis of  their writing using the techniques you have practiced in previous  weeks.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of literary techniques in  each author’s story. Using literary terms, provide explanations for why  it is or is not well written.


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