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Evaluation of a National Cancer Registry National Study.
a. Your Role: Cancer Registry Analyst.
b. Your Task: Using the national study of data as a supporting document, create a proposal of how to organize the institution’s annual cancer registry report.
c. Your Task: Analyze the data, create at least two graphical displays and create a narrative summary of the key elements of an Annual Cancer Registry Report.
i. Two graphical displays
1. Code the top ten cancer diagnosis (using ICD-10-CM) from graphs for males
2. Code the top ten cancer diagnosis (ICD-10-CM from the graphs for females
3. Provide a narrative of metatstatic sites for the top three cancer diagnoses by gender(provide an example of a view image or picture based on one of the top three cancers which demonstrate the pathway of spread).
ii. Which diagnoses overlaps in frequency in terms of occurrence?
iii. Review the specialty coding guidelines for ICD-10-CM and document applicable coding guidelines for the top three diagnoses by gender
iv. Differentiate how ICD-10-CM is utilized in supporting Cancer Registry data collection/research from the internal institutional revenue cycle. Evaluate the uses of secondary data versus primary data.
v. Compare and Contrast the frequency of cancer site occurrences by gender
vi. Recommend key components of a local cancer registry report based upon existing templates.


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