Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help.

1. Media Watch (Individual Assignment)

For this assignment, students will be required to analyze a media topic addressing any one of the topics covered in the 7 modules for this course. Students should be prepared to discuss why they chose the article and how it relates to the week’s topic. Media topics can be taken from newspaper articles, social media outlets, blogs, research, ex-cetera. It is not required that the media topic be scholarly. The purpose of this assignment is to create discussion using a critical eye toward how Canadian Indigenous people are portrayed in the media, providing a critical analysis that includes information about Canada’s colonial history. The analysis should include scholarly work to support their opinion, how Canada’s colonial history impacted the topic, and the critical questions for discussion. Scholarly work is considered original research, government reports or fact sheets, and organizations identifying statistics or research on the topic (example: Canadian Diabetes Association). The total length of the submission should be one to one and half pages (double spaced). Articles must follow APA guidelines for referencing; bring in relevant content from the week’s topic, and current research to support opinions (one to two scholarly references). To summarize, you are asked to pull a topic from the media that pertains to the week’s module focus and apply scholarly work to support your analysis of the topic.

                 Media Watch.  
Criteria Description
Provided overview and Identified significance to week’s topic
Identify relevance to
Week’s topic
Precise and Concise overview detailing main issues and significant players involved. Media is relevant to a Week’s topic and provides a clear link
Identified their reaction to the article Identified connection to Canada’s colonial history Clearly identified their reaction and a clear rational behind their feeling. Identifies a clear connection to Canada’s colonial history to the issue/s presented
Applied scholarly work to support their argument Asked critical question Level of analysis and met requirements Supports ideas using scholarly work. Grammar and Sentence structure, Provides 2 critical

Module 1 & 2 – Week One

Week One

  • Course Syllabus
  • Sharing Circle
  • Review of Assignments
  • History of First Nations Health in Canada
  • Native American health Services in the United States


 Module 3 – Week Two & Three

Week Two and Three

  • Indigenous Rights, Citizenship, and Nationalism
  • Communicable diseases; Historical epidemics
  • Communicable diseases; Contemporary epidemics

Module 4 – Week Four

  • Chronic Disease; exploring chronic diseases that impact Indigenous people

Module 5 – Week Five

Weeks 5

  • Mental Health

Module 6 & 7 – Week Six

Week 6

  • Health Impact Assessment
  • Aging End of life care and cultural safety


Applied Sciences homework help


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