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Essay 3: Analysis of Land in from Unincorporated Territories: [guma’] and “Tokinish” and at least one reading of your choice assigned during weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.
MLA Format
Worth  100 points
Word Count 1,250-2,500 not counting Works Cited
Select one of the following five prompts to complete your essay. You must include in the upper left hand corner of your paper, where your name and the date go, that this is Analytical Essay #3 and the letter of which prompt you have chosen to attempt. This could be written like “Analytical Essay #3D”
a. “Tokinish” often refers to the poet John Donne—who is most well-known for writing the short poem “No Man Is an Island,” thereby coining the phrase. After reading “No Man Is an Island”, analyze how “Tokinish”, from Unincorporated Territories: [guma’], and at least one poem assigned during weeks 1-9 engage with “No Man Is an Island” and make meaning around the idea of islands or use islands as a symbol for something else.
b. After reading “Tokinish” and from Unincorporated Territories: [guma’], and another work of your choice assigned during weeks 1-9, analyze these works to come to an understanding of land that differs from a nonindigenous/colonized understanding? Why is this important?
c. We can see in the texts of “Tokinish” and from Unincorporated Territories: [guma’] as well as several of the other works assigned during weeks 1-9 the use of non-traditional spacing and kerning. It has been argued that, in these texts, that they are creating islands, archipelagos, and bridges of the words on the page—analyze how reading the text broken up and placed on the physical page in the specific ways that these poets have adds to, clarifies, or complicates readings of the poems? How might those readings of the poems change if the text was broken or placed in other ways? You may demonstrate this if you so choose with a relineation of John Donne’s poem “No Man Is an Island” in the fashion that Stevens, Perez, and others have utilized.
d. Write an analytical essay featuring Perez (but not Stevens) and other poets from Puna Wai Korra, and Australian Aboriginal Literature, utilizing and applying EITHER the theoretical frameworks about Pacific Islander Poetry from Perez’s Essay “New Pacific Islander Poetry” or by creating a theoretical framework from another reading about islands or land.
e. If you found another way to talk about “Tokinish” and from Unincorporated Territories: [guma’] as well as another reading assigned during weeks 1-9, then you may do so.
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