>Applied Sciences homework help

>Applied Sciences homework help.

Required:  Just read the case and answer the question
Answer the following questions.
1. Explain whether and how two spaces can or cannot be as a delimiter in a data file.
2. Which of the following delimiters is recommended by the AICPA in its Audit Data Standards as a preferred delimiter for files provided to auditors? Explain why.
a. Comma
b. Tab
c. Space
d. Colon
e. Pipe
3. Which of the following is true?
a. Microsoft Excel documents are the least common proprietary file type.
b. Proprietary file types often cannot be opened in other software and the amount of records they hold can be restricted.
c. Delimiter-separated value file types do not have a greater data capacity than proprietary file types.
4. What is the concern about using commas in a delimiter-separated file type and what can be used to remedy the concern?
5. For each of the following, review the data in the images below and identify the (1) delimiter and (2) the qualifier (if applicable).
6. Is an asset ID a good data field to use as a unique identifier in a data set needed to analyze depreciation? Why or why not?
7. Below are excerpts from two data tables: a customer table on the left and a sales transaction table on the right. Invoices are billed to customers on a bimonthly basis.
Answer the following questions.
a. Identify the join that would best show all transactions with customer details and explain how this join works and the unique identifier you would use for the join.
b. Identify a join that would show all customer and transaction details and explain how this identifier works and the unique identifier you would use for the join.
8. Assume two companies just merged and you are trying to combine the data for each company to analyze payroll for all employees. Employees at Company A submit their hours each week and are paid biweekly. Employees at Company B submit their hours for a month and are paid monthly. Describe how the data is likely stored by the two companies and how you would manipulate the data before it can be merged together.
9. Assume a company has two divisions that operate in close proximity. The majority of employees only work in one division; however, there are some employees who work in both divisions. Each division keeps a separate data table of its employees. Which join type would you use, and upon which fields would you set your join, if you want to know which employees work at both divisions?
10. Describe how you would transform the following three dates so that all data has the same format. State any assumptions you make and how confident you are that your assumption is correct.
a. 07/13/2005
b. 98/03/17
c. 04-07-11
11. List three differences in units of measurement within data files that you might see in an accounting context.
12. Research online which formats Excel uses for numbers. Excel number formats can be found in the home tab on the ribbon and by expanding the options in the Number section. The different formats include: General, Number, Currency, Accounting, Date, Time, Percentage, Fraction, Scientific, Text, Special and Custom. Define each format.
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>Applied Sciences homework help


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