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Noonan syndrome Project
1. Introduction of Noonan syndrome
2. Describe the child’s pathophysiology (8 years old children). Must Include the
components below:
a. Etiology
b. Clinical manifestations (list all possible signs and symptoms)
c. Medical treatments (possible treatments)
d. Nursing Care (all possible treatment)
3. Use Piaget’s cognitive theory and Erikson’s psychosocial theory to name and describe
the stages that the 8 years old child is in.
4. Describe a nurse’s role at any facility that the family ever visited. And consider how
nurse play a role in the child’s progress toward health
5. What parent/guardian’s trimphs and struggles as they care for a child with a genetic
6. No need to conclusion
Please complete follow each requirement!
Due day 5/2 Saturday 1200pm PCT


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