Art Critique of Dance of Light

The artwork named ‘Dance of Light’ was a famous art piece painted by a Korean artist Bang Hai Ja, who’s known for expressing her extraordinary, abstract vision towards the natural world through these series of works. She was born in Seoul in the year 1937 and has lived in France ever since 1961. As one of the greatest first generation of Korean abstract painters, her influence on beautiful art was active, and so became well known for her radiant, spiritual skillful masterpieces. The artwork itself was trying to express the source of the light, and how it all gathers to create this metaphorical, abstract feeling that the artist was describing.

The main subject of this artwork is the ‘light,’ it seems relative for us to think that Bang Hai Ja might also add elements such as ‘Universe,’ ‘Life’ to connect to the core of this painting the light. As diving in deeply, the artist used a lot of particular materials that might be fresh and rare to see in western art culture. Traditional Korean paper, organic materials, vegetable dyes, and non-woven fabric, all of these thoughtful and unique things about this artwork details, really provide people a great vision and a different experience for abstractionism in Korean culture.

Moreover, Bang Hai Ja debuted in Paris. Hence, her style immediately attracts a famous author, art historian, and art critic Pierre Courthion, who then encourages her effectively later, and helps to express her abstract and comprehensive ideas freely. Hai Ja then explores and produced paintings and exhibited her work while being called ‘the artist of light’ and, at the same time, also has global exhibitions in 80 individual and group forms.

From my perspective, the combination of colors involves the principles of Unity, with the same color. Still, slightly different sizes of circles of light, express scientific or universal energy in general. Additionally, the patterns of the light source to balance the color tone and the form of the whole painting with orange and blue, which also express the shine of the light through the element, in contrast, bring out and show the brightness of the sun just like stars in the vast universe. Meanwhile, the various features are used in work, such as shape in circles, and the essential radiant elements took place in the work. Also, the work includes the technique of having the texture of circles and bubbles to create a smooth feeling.

The style of ‘Dance of Light’ is abstractionism. According to Bang Hai Ja’’s explanation, ‘Drawing a point is as planting a seed in the ground, drawing a circle is as becoming one with the universe and drawing light areas giving out the peace and love to the world.’ Thus, we can understand how this masterpiece has the potential to provide a broad audience in America the chance to experience the world of Bang Hai Ja’s illusion of fantasy universe, where the light as the central core originates, extinct, intangible, and the universal energy.

In my opinion, the tone and mood in this artwork are delightful and mysterious, it is shocking but touching to show how human’s life, or the existence of the universe or stars individually, affected and relies on ‘the lights,’ just like us, living with the faint breath. The little light of the world, with billions and billions of galaxies, the universe is so vast, we as human beings can’t even imagine what those nature matters are, or its meaning, or what the light of our life is.

In conclusion, it is seeing how Bang Hai Ja as an impressive abstract artist to exhibiting this incredible, metaphorical masterpiece, makes me think deeply about how our life, nature, are depending on the universe. The light in stars, the artist, makes it brightly, which gave a perception to excite people’s minds. Bang Hai Ja, her sense of viewpoint to the mysterious world, her imagination, and the crucial unknown message, her unique style with precise details in work, all are precious. It amazed people, including myself, therefore, ‘Dance of Light’ is such a marvelous masterpiece, and it is enjoyable for me.


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