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Write an original essay based on one chapter in the book “Pastor” revised edition The theology and practice of ordained ministry by William H. Willimon. The goal of the essay is to explore the idea or topic (from the textbook) further and to apply the principle(s) that you expound in the essay to the particular kind of ministry that you hope to enter (in all cases, you may apply your essay to the role of a pastor or small group leader if you wish).

  • Write an essay of 1200 words (minimum) on one of the main ideas or topics covered in one of the chapters assigned from Willimon.
  • Your essay must analyze the chapter and evaluate how the ideas of the chapter would make an impact or change the way in which you will do whatever ministry to which you feel called.
  • Your essay must include a title page, outline, and a bibliography for each work you cite. Title pages, outlines, and bibliographies do not count toward the word limit.
  • Essays should include at least two (3) relevant sources other than the course textbooks. Internet sources are forbidden for this assignment.
  • Write in an essay format in Turabian style using section headings, and with a formal introduction and conclusion.


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