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Article writing homework help. Rhetorical Analysis
As the main goal of this class is to practice argumentative writing, we will be reading arguments by published authors, mainly via our course text, in order to better understand how argumentative writing works. In a sense, what we read will serve as models for our own argumentative writing, showing us both how argument is done well and how it could be improved. We will be analyzing these texts rhetorically, which will challenge us to take note of each author’s use of rhetoric, which is often described as an artform.
A Rhetorical Analysis essay requires you to apply your critical reading skills in order to “break down” a text. The goal of a rhetorical analysis is to articulate HOW the author writes, rather than WHAT she actually wrote. To do this, you will analyze the rhetorical situation and strategies the author uses to achieve her purpose of writing her piece. *[1]
So, in a Rhetorical Analysis Essay, you need to:

  • Choose one of the short written texts from chapters 23-27 of Everything’s an Argument. Select a text that you believe will allow you to comment upon many aspects of the author’s craft.
  • Actively read the text multiple times.
  • Apply all of the purposes of argument, occasions for argument, kinds of argument, and rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, and ethos) that we have read about in Chapter 1 and discussed to your text, taking note of significant moments when the author’s use of rhetoric is especially apparent, ineffective, or effective.
  • Choose one dominant purpose, occasion, and kind of argument on which to base your analysis essay. Discussing multiple appeals is fine.
  • Develop a working thesis. Remember, you are focusing on HOW the author writes, not WHAT she writes. Your thesis should be a judgment on how effective the author’s text is based on her use of rhetorical strategies. Your thesis should not have anything to do with how you personally feel about the author’s topic.
  • Organize your ideas. One effective way to organize a rhetorical analysis is to devote separate body paragraphs to each of the above categories. However, this is not the only way to successfully organize your essay.
  • Develop topic sentences for all body paragraphs that do at least these two things: 1) Provide the main point of that paragraph and 2) Relate back to the thesis (overall judgment of the article) clearly. Your topic sentences may also work to transition between main ideas (body paragraphs).
  • Locate, use, cite, and comment upon some specific passages and moments from your chosen text in your essay in order to support the claims you make about the rhetorical strategies the author uses and the effectiveness of the author’s text.
  • Avoid summary anywhere except the intro., where you should briefly summarize your selected article.
  • Keep in mind that your essay must be coherent and cohesive; tie all the points you choose to make (topic sentences) together with a main claim (thesis).
  • Make sure you have STRONG intro. and conclusion paragraphs.
  • You should have a Works Cited page with your text from Everything’s an Argument cited correctly in MLA format.

Length: 3 full double-spaced pages minimum
100 pts. possible
Grading Rubric:

Does the essay meet the assignment criteria in terms of subject matter? Are the ideas presented appropriate for the assignment?  
Does the essay avoid repetition?  Does it employ tight, polished paragraphs containing one main idea in the correct format or are ideas just thrown together?
Does the essay use proper sentence structure, commas, pronouns, etc.? Does it avoid grammatical errors: fragments, contractions, tense shifts, spelling mistakes, etc.?  
Did the essay meet the assignment criteria in both format and appearance?
Correct MLA formatting? Page length? Proper citations?
Coherence/ Structure
Does the essay have a clear, well-structured thesis?  
Does each body paragraph include one main idea that points the reader back to the thesis?  Are there effective transitions? Does every paragraph present a unified argument? (Does it “flow” well?)
Does the essay contain a strong backbone/ structure?  Does it use the intro. well? Does the essay contain a solid conclusion that wraps up the paper?
Critical Thinking
Does the paper provide adequate proof for the argument? (Quotations or paraphrase, research, expert opinions, statistics, examples, details, etc.?)  
How advanced is the essay? Does it explore new ideas that challenge both the writer and reader or simply regurgitate class discussions?  Does the essay contain strong, unique ideas that go beyond surface-level?
Does the argument make a logical connection between the thesis, topic sentences, and examples/proof? (i.e. Does it “connect-the-dots” between claims made in the thesis and examples for that claim?)
                                                                                                                                                Total Pts.                / 50              
  X 2
  =           /100

Writing Instructions

Submission Instructions

  • Submission deadlines are by the end of the day on their due dates.


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