Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

1.   The NASW Cultural Competence Standards take a different approach (Page 21 on the NASW Standards For CC.pdf that is attached below) to the concept of Self-Awareness and wants you to look deeper into your own biases and underlying assumptions.  Look at the indicators of that standard and pick three that stand out to you as especially important in this section. Tell me why? (THE INDICATORS ARE ON PAGE 21 ON THE NASW Standards For CC.pdf that is attached below. It says Indicators so read that section to answer question 1)
2. For this question since it is asking to connect it to my culture I am Haitian. I was born and raised in Haiti. So maybe do some research on Haitian culture and Haitian people. Find out their values and what is important to them in order to connect it to part A.
A.  Read the following story.  After you have, create a list of the characters in order of approval, with the first being the one you most approve of and the last being the one you least approve of.  Once you have created your list, look at it and provide what in your culture or your values made you create the list in the particular order.
B.  Then consider if someone created an exact opposite list from yours- what would you initial impression be of that person (which of your values would they offend?).
The Parable
ROSEMARY is a young woman about 21 years old. For a long time she has been engaged to a young man named HERNANDO, and she is coming from a great distance to meet him for their scheduled wedding. The problem she faces is that between her and her betrothed there lies a river. No ordinary river, mind you, but a deep, wide river infested with hungry crocodiles.
ROSEMARY ponders how she can cross the river. She thinks of a man who has a boat, whose name is SVEN. She approaches SVEN and asks him to take her across the river. SVEN replies, “Yes, I’ll take you across the river if you’ll spend the night with me.”
Shocked at this offer, she turns to another acquaintance, LEE PAI, and tells him her story. LEE PAI responds by saying, “Poor ROSEMARY, I understand your problem, but I don’t see how I can help. It’s really your problem, not mine.”
ROSEMARY, in desperation, decides to return to SVEN and spends the night with him. In the morning SVEN takes her across the river. She completes her journey and arrives in time.
Her reunion with HERNANDO is warm, but on the evening before they are to be married, ROSEMARY feels compelled to tell HERNANDO how she succeeded in getting across the river. HERNANDO responds by saying, “I can’t believe you would do such a thing. I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last woman on earth.” And he banishes her as a soiled woman.
Finally, at her wit’s end, ROSEMARY turns to our last character, SEIICHI. He listens to her story and says, “What a terrible thing to happen. Rosemary, I don’t love you, but I will marry you.” And that’s all we know of the story.
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Article writing homework help


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