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Your topic is:   Based upon what you have read about Part 135 regulations (in and Part 135  guidance (in the Flight Standards Information Management System-FSIMS, Order 8900.1), please comment upon:
1. Assume you are the Director of Operations for a  new Part 135 Basic operator, operating Cessna Caravans in an interisland passenger and cargo scheduled and charter (non-scheduled) service in Alaska, Hawaii, or the Bahamas via a Ft. Lauderdale/Miami base; or the Caribbean, based in Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, please give your thoughts on the following:
a. What will be your biggest safety challenges?
b. What will be your biggest compliance challanges?
c. What will be your main challenges in pilot recruiting, training, checking, retention, and then pay and benefits?
d. What might be your main challenges in obtaining and maintaining airworthy aircraft to serve this market?
e.  With so many competitors, how will you distinguish yourself in the marketplace with your service?
NOTE:  For each of these challenges, please provide projected solutions.
You may refer to the Youtube videos, any accident reports, your textbook readings, or any other information you find on Part 135 operators and operations.


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