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Compose a thoughtful and original essay of 4-6 pages. Quote liberally the assigned texts, but build the argument with your own language and opinion, establishing a provocative thesis, proceeding with colorful commentary, and concluding with an unmistakable takeaway. John Leland titled his book Why Kerouac Matters. You will be setting out to prove why, in conjunction, Kerouac and Rechy matter.
Hypothesis: On the Road purports to be a narrative of American freedom, but it is really a narrative of repressed male fantasy, whereas City of Night purports to be a narrative of repressed male fantasy that is really a narrative of American freedom.
Prove by citing key examples from each book. Rephrase the hypothesis in your own language.
Touch base on the importance of the Beat Generation and shift in American literature.
Turnitin report must be provided with completed writing, with no less than 15% match.


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