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analyze the McCann essay  “Til Human Voices Wake Us: What if This Virus Can Teach Us to Change Ourselves”
It should analyze and discuss the significance of the topic “America Then and Now” as it is presented in that essay and the literature.  A 7 page argumentative essay. MLA FORMAT. Times New Roman, Size 12, The research paper should contain a clear thesis, work cited, quotations, and full paragraphs
The link to “Til Human Voices Wake Us: What if This Virus Can Teach Us to Change Ourselves” : https://time.com/5829556/colum-mccann-coronavirus-teach-us-change/
Be sure to include a discussion about the time period and context of the essay and chosen literary works. How does what we are going through today with the COVID virus relate to literature and literary works in history?
answer the following questions:
Why does the author start this essay on the pandemic with a discussion of technology? Have we progressed or been able to use technology to contain the virus and control our economy more than in previous pandemics, crises, or wars?
What do the essay and chosen literary works say about “home”(or the public realm versus private realm) in America, then and now?
What is the meaning of the title? Why does the author allude to “Human Voices” in the title?
How does the author say about learning & crisis: What might the virus “teach” us?
What does the essay say about how community is related to the pandemic; what are the issues needing change that it highlights?
What is the difference between an externally imposed change and an internally activated one?
What is the result of internally activated change, i.e. autonomy versus obedience?
How does the writer use memory and history to discuss the virus?


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