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Reading Essays and (1) Graded Reading Question Assignment

Reading Essays and (1) Graded Reading Question Assignment
Read the following essays in Chapter 3 of the book. Complete the reading questions that are listed after each essay in the ‘Reading the Text’ area. and submit the Reading Question Assignment

  • Reality Pawns: The New Money TV by Nick Serpe
  • You’ve Got the Wrong Song: Nashville and Country Music Feminism by Claire Miye Stanford
  • What Their Clothes Tell Us About Those Girls by Anna Keszeg

Unit 1 RQ 1 – Reading Questions 1 Answer the following [14] questions [as one document] that cover the three essays. Each answer must be a minimum of 150 words. You must include quotes/paraphrases from the readings in your answers. This will help you meet your word count. You may exceed the minimum if you choose. Before beginning, read and study the ‘reading question format’ and a ‘sample reading question answer’ under ‘sample papers’ on the course menu.
* Under ‘Reading the Text’:
Questions 1–5 [Nick Serpe essay]
Questions 1-4 [Claire Miye Stanford essay]
Questions 1-5 [Anna Keszeg essay]
This is Instructor feedback
You can see there are several questions following each essay. You must answer EACH question, and put a number beside the answer. Do not list a string of paragraphs. 0 points on this until I see you answering each question for each of the essays, and please make sure they are numbered.

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