Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

For this essay, choose a topic from the Gale resource on Opposing Viewpoints and write a 4-5 page essay that argues a clearly defined position about that topic. The essay should have an introduction that has a clear thesis statement and demonstrates the relevance of your topic, several body paragraphs that each make focused claims, and a conclusion.
Essay should INCLUDE:

  1. An interesting and informative title
  2. A clearly stated thesis in the introduction that articulates your position and what you want to argue in your paper.
  3. Logical and clear reasons supporting your argument
  4. A document formatted in correct MLA format
  5. 5 sources (peer-reviewed journals, books, and reliable web sources)
  6. One of your sources must disagree with your argument and be used to create a counterargument. A counterargument occurs when you show what the opposing side claims and then refutes that side. For instance, if I am arguing that public schools should require children to be vaccinated unless a documented medical reason prohibits vaccination, then I might cite a source that argues that vaccinations are dangerous. I would show one or two main reasons the source gives and then show why those reasons are invalid as I prove my point about the need for vaccines.
  7. A refutation of opposing arguments (in the counterargument)
  8. A synthesis of sources; do not simply summarize your source material, but show how they are connected and respond to them.
  9. A works cited page in MLA format with corresponding in-text citations. The works cited page should be included in the same document as your essay.

Choose your topic from the Gale Opposing Viewpoints database:
Potential topics

  • U.S. Borders (Emigration & Immigration)
  • Immigration
  • Civil Rights
  • Popular Culture
  • Culture of Beauty
  • Celebrity Culture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Animal Experimentation
  • Technology & Education
  • Vaccines
  • Privacy
  • Criminal Justice
  • Millennial Generation
  • Genetically Modified Foods
  • Social Media
  • Video Games

Article writing homework help


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