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Global Facility Location Assignment
1. Pick any one of these: Wal-Mart retail outlet in East Asia; McDonald’s restaurant in Europe; an international HUB in Asia (other than China) for FedEX; Ford Motor Corporation assembly plant in North America; or Eberly College’s off-shore campus with a partner in Latin America (we have partners in Asia, the Middle East, & Europe).
2. Clearly identify what factors (country-specific as well as region and industry/business specific) you would use in deciding if and where you would locate your facility.
3. Would you use any specific methodology or quantitative tool in your analysis? Discuss.
4. Finally, if you were responsible for making the decision, would you locate the facility in this country or not? Why or why not?
5. DO NOT consider the COVID 19 situation since it is too early to know its impact.
No more than two pages (single- or double-spaced)
Cite any references that you might use on an additional page
Show a map on an additional page.
A. Factors identified at country/region levels and business-specific (50%)
a. Comprehensive
b. Acceptable
c. Not clear
B. Methodology or Quantitative tool recommendation (15%)
a. Ideal
b. Acceptable
c. Not pertinent
C. Decision to locate the facility (25%)
a. Articulated very well
b. Acceptable
c. Not convincing
D. Map (10%)
E. References (Bonus up to 25%!)


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