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Article writing homework help. Final Research Paper Assignment
Topic: Online education vs traditional education

Your final research paper should be approximately 1200-1500 words (4-6 typewritten pages, double-spaced). It should be a cause, effect or comparison essay on a topic that we have studied so far in this course.

We are using comparison for this paper.

Check “Organizing a Comparison Research Paper Emphasizing Differences” on next page

As your course syllabus indicates, the final research paper is 20% of your course grade.
To support points in your paper, you should cite a minimum four different sources, using summaries, paraphrases and quotations. Your four sources

  • must include at least one article retrieved from the free Internet using a search engine such as Google. You will need to evaluate your Internet source(s) for their suitability.
  • must include at least one source from a library database
  • may not include Wikipedia as one of your research sources. You may find it helpful, however, to read Wikipedia articles for preliminary information and use Wikipedia source lists to find material for your research.

You must follow APA guidelines for formatting your paper, citing your sources and compiling a Works Cited page. These guidelines are available on many college and university web sites; one good one to use is the OWL (Online Writing Center) at Purdue University.

Organizing a Comparison Research Paper Emphasizing Differences

  1. Introduction

Hook, background information (which may require research support)
Your introduction can have more than one paragraph.
Concession in which you say that the two things are similar in some ways.
Your thesis statement comes after the concession and begins with a transition like “However, in spite of these similarities, … go on to list the differences you will write about.

  1.  Body of your paper

At least one paragraph about each of the differences. The paragraphs should be in the same order as the differences in the thesis statement. You need at least one research source in each paragraph.
III. Conclusion: Do two or more of these things:
Re-state your thesis in different words
Express your opinion (but don’t do this earlier in the paper–only in your conclusion)
Make a prediction
Suggestion a solution to a problem

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