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Article writing homework help. Unit 10 Writing Assignment Instructions
Describe and Analyze a Food Trend
For this assignment, you will research, describe, and analyze a food trend. First, identify an interesting current or recent food trend. Then, gather information about it and organize the information in an informative essay, which should be about ½ to 2/3 of your essay.  Finally, you will need to analyze and generalize what this food trend says about the people participating in the trend, which should compromise the second half to 1/3 of your essay.  In other words, why did the trend catch on?  What need or desire that was previously lacking did the trend fulfill?  Another way to look at analyzing the trend is to describe what circumstances led to it catching on when it did.  It is not enough for the analysis portion to just be a long conclusion or final thought.  It needs to be a significant section of the essay.  You will need to use organizational and transitional sentences to merge the two sections into one cohesive essay.
You will need to be careful with your treatment of your sources. This time, you will quote and summarize the sourced information.  Either way, ALL sourced information requires in-text and full citations.  Do not make the mistake of being careless with information you get from sources.  Do NOT plagiarize.
Also, I expect you to use the sandwich technique as well as brackets, ellipses, and knowledge of sentence structure to normalize your words with the sourced words.  In addition, I expect you to use the techniques and tools we have been practicing to summarize well when you include summarized information.  Of course, you will not include long summaries or full summaries.  You will only include briefly summarized information in a sentence or two.  That does not mean you lose the aspects and qualities of a good summary though.
Plus, you will follow APA conventions and rules of citation and formatting in this essay.
Finally, there is only one draft – a final draft. .  It is time you prove you understand and can write an organized, clear, and cohesive essay without my feedback. I have been talking to you about the writing process all semester.  You need to go through the drafting, organizing, researching, revising, editing, and citing processes on your own. You must have a central thesis and controlling, clear topic sentences.  Organization and clarity are the most important aspects of writing any academic essay. You must demonstrate that you know the basic parts of an essay and can include them without assistance.
Unit 10 Writing Assignment Guidelines

  • Your essay should be 3-4 double-spaced, typed pages (please use 12-point Times New Roman font) and follow APA guidelines
  • You must include a balance of quoted and summarized sources. It does not have to be exactly half and half, but no more than 70% of one or the other.  In other words, if you use 10 pieces of sourced information, no more than 7 of those should be quoted or summarized, and it would be better if it were 5 of each or 6 of one and 4 of the other.
  • You want to use a semi-formal writing style (no contractions, no slang, no “text” talk). You need to use correct grammar, accurate vocabulary, and complete sentences.
  • All sourced information must be cited. You MUST use in-text citations in the body of your essay, as well as a “Citations” page with full citations after your essay.
  • You should refer to the RUBRIC to guide your writing and revision efforts.
  • You should revise and edit your essay. Try to complete your first draft a few days before the final draft is due, so that you can see your writing with “fresh” eyes and make important improvements to content, organization, vocabulary AND grammar.

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