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Read chapters 12, 13, and 14 before starting the discussions. Discuss the following questions:
Q1. You find that your project team asks some of its best questions and provides useful observations while you’re doing your weekly “walk-through” of the various cubicle clusters that house your project team members. Rather than simply telling team members to bring their questions and comments to your projects weekly status meeting, what are some proactive things you can do make these informal communications more effective and efficient?
Q2. You and your team are designing and installing a new machine for an automotive assembly line. You identify the top risk for the project as a high likelihood that a critical material you’re planning to use will no longer be available if the EPA enacts new regulations. How can you respond to this risk based on the three main categories of risk response in chapter 13?
Q3. Your boss recently notified you that the project you’ve been leading for nearly 18 months will be audited by a group within your organization. Several of your project team members are concerned about the nature of the audit. What can you tell them about the audit to calm their fears? Additionally, what can you as project manager do to make the audit proceed quickly and effectively?


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