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  1. Click on this article “Discrimination: What It Is and How to Cope (Links to an external site.)” from the American Psychological Association’s website and read it.
  2. Consider these questions: What is discrimination? How have you observed or experienced it in your own life?
  3. Write for 10 minutes on the subject and then brainstorm a list of examples of discrimination you know of from your own personal experience or what you have observed in society or in the media.
  4. Create a thesis sentence stating your main point. Here is a sample: Examples of discrimination that I have observed  include _____, _____, and _____.
  5. Write an essay giving examples of discrimination you have experienced or know about. Include a summary of the article in your introduction.
    • In your introduction, refer to the article from the website by title. Explain the main ideas in your own words and end the summary with a reference to it by the first author’s name (Brondolo). Add a sentence that transitions from their ideas to yours and end the first paragraph with a strong, clear thesis sentence stating your point about examples of discrimination.
    • Develop three supporting paragraphs, each about one specific act or incident of discrimination (for example, three different episodes that you experience or witnessed, or three examples of people in the news who have been discriminated against). Remember that your purpose is to inform your audience about occurrences of discrimination. Your audience needs clear, detailed explanations.
      • Begin each supporting paragraph with a clear topic sentence stating that paragraph’s main point.
      • Make sure that your supporting sentences provide all needed details to explain the examples given.
      • Relate all of the specific details to that point with a general closing sentence.
    • In your final paragraph, summarize your points and add a closing sentence that leaves your readers thinking about the impact of discrimination.
    • Include the full citation of the article on the last page.


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