Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. WP#2
Writing Project #2: Toulmin Argument
“The more opinion is grounded on rich experience and deep study, the better the quality of our public discourse about the issues that matter to us.” –Mike Rose
For WP #2, you will select a topic of importance to your community, research that topic, select an appropriate local or regional newspaper, and write a 700-800 word op-ed that argues for a change in action, one that is addressed to a non-expert public audience. In order to provide relevant data to support your claims, you will be expected to research your topic, including library and internet research, and possibly primary research such as conducting interviews or surveys germane to your topic. You will also incorporate at least two visuals (a table, figure, graphic, photo, etc.) to support your argument, which will implement the Toulmin model outlined in The Well-Crafted Argument.
The op-ed argument will be similar to what’s found in the Sunday opinion section of the Denver Post; Rose’s “Writing for the Public” provides great insight into this genre.
Please don’t write your op-ed about these topics: the death penalty, gun control, legalizing weed (or other drugs), lowering the drinking age in the US, or abortion.
Timeline: See Schedule
Scoring Guide for WP #2: Toulmin Argument (75 points)
(10%) Writing Process: Peer review deadline and participation
(5%) Reflection: thoughtful self evaluation
(30%) Argument
Open to challenge
Sophisticated and carefully worded
Implicit or explicit
Ethically grounded
Audience awareness
Audience identified
Appropriate tone, diction, style
Qualifiers with audience in mind
(30%) Evidence
Research: Data and Grounds
Research introduced, explained, unpacked when needed
Use of visual(s)
Labeled and titled
Analyzed and explained
(25%) Organizations and Conventions
Edited and well-polished
Limits length to 700-800 words.
Identifies sources when needed in body of op-ed. No formal MLA/APA citations.
Varies paragraph length and sentence length for rhetorical impact
Uses hook, push, turn
WP #2: Self Evaluation
Complete the following questions on this word document. Save as lastnameWP2.doc.
To submit, upload to the WP #2 Assignment drop box, and attach this document into your post. Be sure to include the blank WP #2 Scoring Guide
What is your exact word count (copy and paste into a MS word doc)?
What specific newspaper (and in which part of the country – the state or city) would be the best venue for publishing your Op-Ed and why?
What did you like about writing in the condensed op-ed style (hook, push, turn)?
What warrant(s) or unstated assumptions, lay the foundation of your argument, connecting your claim to your evidence?
What evidence best supports your position and is most persuasive to your audience?
How specifically did you tailor your argument to your public, non-expert audience by using snap and sizzle in your language and op-ed structure, breaking free from academese? Provide two examples.
How do the visuals improve your argument and why?
I received my best feedback from __(colleague’s name)___.
As a result, when I revised, I changed _________ and ______________ because __________ and _________.

Article writing homework help


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