Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. Media Kit Assignment
Imagine you work in the public relations division of one of the following local community focused non-profit organizations (pick one):
Boys & Girls Club of Wichita Falls
Wichita Falls Humane Society
River Bend Nature Center
North Texas Rehabilitation Center
Wild Bird Rescue
The Arc of Wichita Falls
Hospice of Wichita Falls
Community Healthcare Center
First Step of Wichita Falls
Southside Youth Senter
Your organization is hosting an event of your choosing to raise funds for your organization. The proceeds will be donated to your organization in full. As the PR division, you must compose the following documents:

  • A fact sheet on the event
  • A backgrounder regarding the organization
  • A news release promoting the event
  • A flyer (including timeline of events)
  • One week’s worth (3-4 posts) of social media promotion (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook). You must explain the channel (i.e., is it IG, Twitter, FB, etc.) and what you would post. Obviously do not actually post anything.

Take the opportunity to be creative—the event is entirely up to you. The templates for these documents are all on D2L under “Writing for the Press.”
Since you are acting as if you are a real organization, please do not actually post anything as this organization (i.e., don’t use your FB account to screenshot what a post would look like).
250 points possible.
Due: Sunday, May 3 by 11:00pm uploaded to D2L. Because these documents all have unique formatting, please submit them together as a PDF.

Article writing homework help


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