Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. Essay 3 (15 points)
Context: Writing requires more than just a topic – it expresses a mindset, comes with a carefully
selected approach, a goal, and the true awareness of oneself and the needs of one’s readers.
This past year, we have studied the reflective, imaginative, rhetorical analysis, literature review,
and claim-based genres to practice the many different tools we can use to express ourselves.
Each of the genres requires careful consideration and selection of appropriate tools which can
help our readers appreciate and understand a way of thinking.
Assignment: For this final essay, we will return to the reflection, imaginative, and rhetorical
analysis genres as you complete the following two tasks in a two part assignment:
● Part 1: Use the spirit of your Essay 2 as inspiration for an original short story
● Part 2: Reflect on how the change in genre has affected you and your message
Part 1 Requirements:
● Use allusion to connect your essay 2 to the story
● Use genre appropriate tools, such as: a clear storyline, dialogue, illustrative language,
pacing, mood, wordplay, creative visual elements, etc.,
Part 2 Requirements:
● Incorporate direct statements
● Analyze details or examples from your short story and from your Essay 2
● Use MLA page settings and citations1
As this is your final assignment, write and revise with purpose! Edit carefully to show off your
English language/writing skill sets and use each moment meaningfully.
1 To cite yourself in-text: because you should cite from your short story and from your Essay 2,
just be sure to note the title of the work to which you are referring. i.e. In “Title of Essay 2,” I
_____. In “Title of Short Story,” I ________.
There will be no need for you to create a Works Cited citation for your own essays.

Article writing homework help


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