Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. Student PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 11
Objectives: The presentation project has more than a few objectives. It involves students to spread over impressions from It changes options for reproductive choices, It can separate roles of genetic mother and gestational mother, the social mother may be different from either of the above. The progression to recognize and analysis circumstances Decision points have also multiplied, Many steps can be completed in the lab which, allows different decision points about having a baby, We are not prepared to deal with all of the changes conceptually, emotionally or ethically. In accumulation, the student will be able to categorize a variety of individual’s rights by allied health professionals.
Format and Guidelines:  The student will produce a Power Point Presentation from Chapter 11 of the Textbook (Choose your desire topic form these chapters). The Presentation should have a minimum of 12 slides, including Title Page, Introduction, Conclusion, and References.
The student must use other textbooks, research papers, and articles as references (minimum 3).
Originality: Turnitin submission required 



  1. Title Page: Topic Name, Student Name
  2. Introduction: Provide a brief synopsis of the meaning (not a description) of the topic you choose, in your own words
  3. Content Body: Progress your theme, provide Material, illustrations and Diagram to explain, describe and clarify the Topic you choose.
  4. Conclusion: Briefly summarize your thoughts & conclusion to your critique of the articles and Chapter you read.
  5. References: The student must use other textbooks, research papers, and articles as references (minimum 3).

Student Name __________________________________            Date_____________________

Category Possible Points Actual Points
Presentation style and content. 3  
Distributed bibliography w/ 3 additional readings 2  
Inclusion of diversity content Pictures, Graphic, etc. 2  
Length: Minimum 12 slides 1  
Required Format 2  
TOTAL 10  


Article writing homework help


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