Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

Writing Workshop II
Week Three Assignment: Research/ Shallow Dive:
At this point, you should have a topic and a list of potential questions that you would like to explore about your topic.
This week,  you will  research on your topic in order to develop working knowledge of it. This is an important first step, and will help you further determine what aspect of your topic you would like to explore more deeply in your research paper.
With your tentative list of questions in mind, do some background reading on your topic.
First: Find at least six different sources ( articles, essays, books, blogs, etc)  that are connected to your topic in some way. It is fine to do an Internet search at this point, but at least one of your sources must be scholarly in nature.  You can use Google Scholar for the scholarly source.
Skim the  sources you found  for the following information and take notes: 
What are people saying about the topic?
What are the different perspectives? 
What controversies/ issues/ trends or people are associated with this topic? j
What aspect of the topic interests you and why?
Be sure to write down bibliographic information of your sources, and be prepared to briefly discuss what you found with your classmates next week.
Write two summaries: Choose TWO of the sources you found, and write a summary of EACH. One of your summaries must be a scholarly source.
Your summaries  should be no longer than one page.
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Article writing homework help


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