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Biology homework help. Extra Credit Reflection
You have an opportunity for 25 Extra Credit points for writing a reflection paper comparing and contrasting  the two formats of the class, the face to face that we had during the first half of the semester and the online format that we had to switch to because of COVID-19. Please note that if you write a reflection, some of what is written might potentially be used in a research paper comparing face to face with online formats. However, if such a research is conducted, all writers will be anonymous and the identification of the writers will not be shared or used in the research. By submitting this extra credit reflection, you agree that some of what you write could be used in the potential research mentioned.  Other than earning 25 extra points, whatever you say in this paper will not negatively, nor positively impact your grade in the class, so please be honest and freely express yourself.
Guidelines for the Extra Credit reflection paper:
Write a 2 to 3-page reflection comparing and contrasting the face to face of FLAN 3440 to the online class of FLAN 3440. Some of the areas/themes that you need to address are below with some potential questions that may guide you, if you need guidance. However, feel free to address the themes whichever way and order you want:
1- Using the book, reading the chapters
Was there a change in your usage/reading habits?
(yes, because I always prefer reading the chapter on pdf, word file or powerpoint)
What might be some reasons for your answers above?
(I focus more reading on my labtop)
2- Lectures effectiveness:
Which of two formats did you prefer?
(I prefer in class)
Usefulness of the power point slides
It’s way better because I could start learn without getting interrupts by side conversation
What might be some reasons for your answers above?
(I have ADHD “Attention Deficitn Hyperactivity Disorder” which gives my a hard time not to get interrupted.)
3- Engagement
When (in which format) did you feel more engaged in/with the class material & why?
In which format did you feel more engaged with your fellow classmates? How?
( in class because I could meet and chat every class with new students and listen to their opinion and answers)
( it’s way easier to open a conversation with my fello classmet while in class)
Which of the two formats made you feel part of a community of learners?
( in class)
Which of the two formats you felt required more preparation from you?
( in class )
What might be some reasons for your answers above?
( we get pointed at to answer some questions and it’s embarrassing not knowing the answer)

  • Procrastination

When did you feel that you procrastinated more doing your assignments?
When did you feel that you procrastinated more taking the quizzes?
When did you feel that you procrastinated more reading?
What might be some reasons for your answers above?

  • Class Discussions

Which of the two formats did you prefer (discussion in class or the online discussion boards). Why
In which of the two formats you felt that you were more personally /intrinsically motivated to participate?  Why?
( in class because you make the class so fun and we like how you make us compete to get the wright answer for example: kahoot game every class )
Which of the two formats were more helpful for your personal growth?
Which of the two formats helped you better grasp the class material?
(online )
In which of the two formats did you feel you were participating more?
(In class because we get into group and listen to each other answers and opinions)
Which of the two formats allowed you to express yourself freely?
In which of the two formats did you interact more with your fellow students?
(in class)

  • Stress Levels

If you are able to keep the COVID-19 caused stress aside; how would you compare your stress levels and anxiety between the two periods/formats?

  • Your General Attitude towards Online Classes (not just this class):

Talk about your experience/or lack off with online classes. (Did you previously take online classes? What is your general attitude to online classes? Did your attitude change after your experience during the second half of this semester? How would you evaluate and feel toward the move to online classes the second had of the semester? After your experience the second half of this semester being forced into online classes, if you had a choice, would you chose online or face to face?)
( write good things about this question please )
(My scholarship limit me on taking no more than 12 credit online otherwise I will take more)
(I like online class it’s to be honest easier than in class format)

  • Technical Difficulties

Did you experience/face differences in technical difficulties? How?
What aspects of technology usage did change if any?

  • Other

Any other areas of comparison that you would like to discuss such as study time and time dedicated to class. Work schedule changes if it impacted the class in one way or another.
All responses should be uploaded to blackboard under EXTRA CREDIT reflection location (same place where you uploaded reflections 1, 2 and 3). All extra credit reflections should be uploaded by May 6, 2020 midnight. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. This is a purely personal reflection about your experience in this class in the two formats that we had to use. Your reflection is not an academic paper about online learning, so no references or citations needed. 

Biology homework help


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