Biology homework help

Biology homework help. Objective:
A brief (one or two sentence) statement of the objective or goals of the experiment.
A concise introduction to the problem being investigated. Provide background and references relevant to the experimental system. Should be no longer than one to two pages.
Materials & Methods:
A complete and detailed listing of both materials used and methods employed to complete these experiments. The idea of this section is to permit anyone who is knowledgeable in science to understand what was done, why it was done, and have sufficient information to reproduce the experiment.
And please put this in your own words.
In this section you present the results of your experiment. This includes both raw and manipulated data, tables, charts, or graphs. The idea of this section is to present what was observed in the experiment, but not to interpret or discuss the data. Any difficulties that were noted in the course of data collection might be relevant here.
In this section you get your chance to interpret and explain the data that was collected. Does it make sense? Is it what you expected or predicted? If not, why not? List possible sources of errors. You may want to compare your data to that collected by other groups for the same experiment. What kinds of changes or suggestions can you make for improving or changing this experiment? This is an important part of the lab report.
A minimum of 5 sources for each report. Encyclopedias do not count. You can use a maximum of two web sources (URL’s) but I also want real references to actual primary scientific literature. Find and cite (in proper form at) sources that were helpful in the writing of this report.

Biology homework help


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