Biology homework help

Biology homework help. Press release assignment
Should be 300-400 words.
About: evolution and natural selection to the public by means of describing the PTC gene experiment.
Write a press release, make sure you have all five W’s in your story (who, what, where, when, and why). In journalism. And that you have a catchy headline.
Your goal is to make the results and discussion section into a story that is accurate and interesting to the public. Your press release should include ideas about evolution and natural selection.

  • It’s very similar to a news story
  • You want to answer the (who, what, where, when, and why)
  • The key is to get the most important news right up at the top, it called inverted pyramid style.
  • News should be most important at the top, least at the bottom.
  • First paragraph is the main news, so this is usually the what (what is this about?) or the why (why are we talking about this?)

The Rubric for the assignment:

  • What the question of interest is and how it is answered
  • Why this is of interest to the general public
  • Who the research impacts and who did the research?
  • The time line related to the descriptions
  • Where the research took place and where the research relates to?

Inverted Pyramid style:

  • Put the important information, what and why (at the top of the press release)

Content and style:

  • Relate scientific evidence to natural selection and/or evolution
  • Potential for creating public interest.
  • Accurate discussion of scientific evidence produced in our experiments present.


Biology homework help


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