Biology homework help

) Write a well-organized research paper that includes information including:
a) Nationality of naturalist, regions of the world/topics studied by the naturalist, time period
b) source materials used for illustrations, characteristic aspects of the naturalist’s illustration technique and style,
c) how your naturalist was influenced by other SCIENTISTS,
d) most critical contributions of your naturalist to science, including significance of the images you have chosen to include
e) controversial aspects of this person’s SCIENTIFIC career, and
f) other material you deem interesting or important for understanding this person as a scientist and illustrator.
This written essay should be 1350-1650 words. Essay should be followed by the illustrations you found. You should use in-text citations, and give sources for the images you include.
4) Compile a bibliography of at least 6 Sources Cited (MLA format). Please also use in-text citations.


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