Biology homework help

Biology homework help. Worksheet: Epigenetics: Ghost in your Genes
Watch Ghost in your genes video and complete the assignment, submit to turnitin
Remember NO PLAGIARISM..your own words. Also answers must show that you actually watched the video and didn’t just look up answers.Make sure you have complete answers. If you give barely a sentence for these answers and other students give complete answers indicating they spent some thought and time…your grade will be affected….

  1. What is the epigenome?
  2. What are the differences between Angelman syndrome and Prader-Willi? The inheritance of which stems from the mother? The father? How is epigenomics involved?
  3. Describe the classic experiment using Folic Acid treatment of pregnant mice and its implications for epigenomics.


  1. Why are identical twins used to study epigenomics in humans?


  1. What were the differences notes between identical twins as they aged?


  1. Describe the experiments involving nuturing vs non-nuturing mothers and how this affected the marking of genes. Which genes were implicated as being important?

How was this used in development of possible drug therapy?
How are these studies being applied to people?
Cancer Epigenetic therapy.

  1. Briefly describe the cancer epigenetic theory and some potential epigenetic therapies that have come about (What is Decitabine?)

Epigenetics: Autism

  1. Explain how twin studies are being used to determine the epigenetic contribution to Autism.

How do the brains and DNA methylation patterns differ between twin siblings;one with autism and the other without

  1. Nutrition and epigenetics: Generational patterns

Briefly describe the Överkalix study. What did it basically examine? What where its conclusions?
Did the study suggest differences between the sexes in the effects of nutrition and epigenetics? Explain

  1. Mapping the human genome and perspective

Why is it harder to map the epigenome compared to the genome?
How much control of our epigenome is in our control?
Describe the basic studies and conclusions involving pesticide exposure to rats.

  1. Go to Find two recent (2020) article summaries on epigenomics (you can do a simple search)that you find interesting. Paste the link to these articles and summarize these articles in a paragraph or several bullet points. Remember no ”quotations” for your answers and use your own words.

Biology homework help


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