Biology homework help

For this short essay, imagine that you are in charge of designing a high school sex education curriculum. In your essay, state if you would implement a comprehensive sex education approach and why or why not. Also, address the following:
1. Name and describe 5 topics that your sex-ed curriculum would cover. (2 – 4 sentences per topic)
2. Would it be required or optional? Can parents and or students opt out?
3. When would students receive the curriculum? (e.g. Freshmen year, senior year, every year)
4. What would the duration of this curriculum be and with what frequency if applicable (e.g. 1 week, 1 year, 1 semester/every year)?
5. Who would teach the curriculum? (e.g. guest speakers, biology teachers, any teacher)
6. Briefly describe what the benefits to students that complete the curriculum are.
· ½ page – 1-page length (or ~500 words)*
· 1.5 spacing – double spacing
· Reasonable size font (10 – 12)
· No title page necessary but do include a title for your essay.
· No citations or references required.


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