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Week 15 – Reading/Reflection – Due by 12/10 @ 9:30am

Waiting by Ha Jin is a story about the Cultural Revolution in China, changing social mores, changing gender and sexual relationships and conflicts of the human heart.  Please wait until you are done reading the assigned pages (pp 3-96) before completing this Forum posting.  Each person should start a new posting.
For this assignment, of the 3 characters, Lin Kong, Shuya, and Manna Wu, given the historical and social circumstances, please explain which character you sympathize with most and why.  Please support your position and analysis with specifics from the reading.
In order to maintain the uniqueness of each person’s individual thoughts on these people, please do not look at anyone else’s Forum posting before you think about and elaborate on your own position.  After you are done posting then you may look at what your peers have written and see how other people have thought about these issues and why and see how it compares to your own thinking.  We will compare and contrast these findings in class.   There is no right or wrong answer—it will be interesting to see what we as a class think.
For the Weekly Reading /Reflections Assignments you are only required to do 7 of these.  Or I will only count the 7 highest scores.  So if you have already done 7 and are happy with your grades on this aspect of the assignments, you do not need to do any more.  However, if you would like to improve your grade, then you can do additional ones in the hopes of improving your grade and replacing any that received a low score.

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