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 Week 4 Making the DecisionAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment
From the due date assigned through the end of the week, complete the following:

  • Work with your teammates on the Year 16 decision.
  • After deciding on the final choices, upload your decisions to the simulation website.

Note: Scores will be given based on the following criteria:
The simulation awards 25 points each week. It is based on the yearly score given to your company on the BSG-Online website—not the cumulative score, but the yearly score.

  • The team with the highest score will receive 25 points.
  • The team with the second highest score will receive 23 points.
  • The team with the third highest score will receive 21 points.
  • The team with the fourth highest score will receive 19 points.

As pointed out in other announcements, this is a simulation. Like a pilot, you need to practice making decisions. You can practice even after the decisions for the week are saved. You do not have to save your work in a practice session, but you can print out the results and data for your own use or to discuss the results with your co-managers.
Important: The average student who does well in this course spends approximately four hours per week practicing decision making on the BSG-Online website. If you do not access the weekly reports or do not spend at least one hour per week practicing, it is assumed that you are not prepared enough to support your team to make the weekly decisions.”


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